Community-Based Organizations

In gratitude for your faithful provision of vital services in our community, Community IMPACT, Inc desires to bless you abundantly.  We recognize your challenges:  healthy board governance, finances, leadership multiplication, and an administrative infrastructure for missional achievement.

Our ever-expanding Servant Leadership Communities are inspired to offer their unique skills, abilities, experience, and talents to serve you.  Making a community impact is our overwhelming desire.

Servant Leaders

Servant Leadership Communities exist so as to match your experience, skills, resources, and time with credible community-based organizations.  Success is good; but, a purpose-filled life of significance is best.  We are united in our desire to serve our community and make a community impact.

As we serve an increasing number of non-profit organizations, we have a unique capacity to match your gifts with their organization needs.  Discover local and virtual opportunities based upon your availability and interests.

A Call To Action!

We hear the same lament from organizations and churches — “we lack sufficient resources to achieve our mission.”  We invite you to abandon your assumed constraintsToday is a new day, if you are willing.  Our Servant Leadership Communities want to bless your organization with too much time; too much money; and too many leaders.